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Get the complete free package our professional game hack developers have created. These Combat Arms Hacks are absolutely exclusive to this website and incorporates contributions from other reliable sources.

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We are a professional team of game hack developers who strives to create the best new software to distribute free of charge. We aspire to help out all our visitors to the website become the best they can be.

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Combat Arms Hacks Second 2012

Hello again everybody!  We hope you have been enjoying our previous versions of the elite Combat Arms Hack Pack available free from our downloads section! Our software programmers have added a ton of new features and for the first time Combat Arms Hacksz has worked with well-known game hack developers to offer an even wider array of features and tools still up to our rigorous standards. When you download a file from our website you know the hacks have been tested on live official servers and additionally run through countless antivirus software to ensure their complete legitimacy and safety.

Added Combat Arms Hack Features:

  • Chams – complete with the best new available WallHack
  • Zero Spread or Recoil – your gun will fire in an absolute straight line.  This mod works with all current guns on live servers.
  • Fly (or superman) hack – Your jump has now turned into fly if held down.
  • Easier ID – Enemies are identified with their name above themselves.
  • Invincibility – pretty self explanatory.
  • Telekenisis Hack – Activate any object from afar (weapons, doors, boxes and anything else you can think of can be done from a distance).
  • Customizeable crosshair.
  • Enemies life is displayed graphically above their toon.
  • MapHack – Displays an overhead view of the map displaying the exact coordinates of all enemies and friendlies.

Current Software Screenshots:

combat arms hack 2

combat arms hack 1


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Thanks for coming through the site!

Please immediately report any bugs or depreciated features to us through e-mail or comment form we take your feedback very seriously.  We are working on redesigning the website to better accomodate you, the visitors.  We are working on the current spam problem that has been plauging our comment forms and increasing our response time while decreasing our support team’s effectiveness.  We should have these issues worked out very quickly we are aiming for a timeframe of two or three days.

Combat arms hacks 2012 update

We have not made any updates to the website for a while now it’s past due for an update of our hack pack and all of the features we’ve added.  We have provided the first update to the hack pack in 2012 available free for download on our downloads page.  As usual our team of dedicated testers and developers have ensured the safety and funcationality of all the tools provided in the free CA hack bundle we are providing free.  Here is our current combat arms hacks feature list:

  • Working Aimbot (including automatic aiming, auto weapon shoot, check if target visible, and auto weapon switch)
  • Fixed long range pick up
  • Quick fire is now fully funtional
  • Functional Chams – Color (A/B) & Ghost Chams
  • Working D3D Hacks – Long range, F.P.S, Plus Hair and Clear fog
  • Even more Hacks including: Super jump, Fly exploit and Speed hack
  • All fully tested, clean and undetected on live servers

Screenshot of the current CA Hack active on live server:

combat arms hack sz1

Combat arms hack sz2


If you ever have any questions or concerns regarding our downloads or the website in general please feel free to contact us or leave a comment.  We are very quick to respond to your issues and put them at pivotal importance.  We want to ensure everyone who uses this website for Combat Arms Hacks has a great experience and is able to safely gain an advantage in game.

Fresh Combat Arms Hacks

Although we are constantly (daily) checking and updating the files available on the website this is just a status update of what we have been up to.  Every day our combat arms hack development team tests and ensures all the tools available in the downloads section are working and undetected.  We test all the files on live servers to determine their validity while running them through numerous anti-virus tests to ensure they are safe to use. This post will

List of new and improved features:

  • Updated AimBot featuring enable/disable, auto aim, auto fire, visibility check, auto switcher and FPs corrector
  • ESP features include name, distance, HP, bouncing box, distance pickup, explosive owner/name/distance/warning
  • Rapidfire fixed
  • NX Chams added
  • Fixed Ghost mode
  • Super bullet mod
  • weapon range buffer
  • Teleport kill
  • Shop or Weapon teleporter
  • aim corrector
  • No Cam Damage
  • No Fog Mod
  • Super Jump
  • Tracer rounds
  • Fly hack
  • Activation from a distance

All of these tools and features should be working perfectly on live servers.  We have tested all of them on the majority of operating systems to ensure proper compatibility across the board.  There are Combat Arms Hacks for Mac (Apple) included we are working on porting all the software to be compatible across all operating systems.  Although we do not post daily, the Combat Arms Hack package is updated every day to ensure these tools remain completely undetected.  We work hard to keep you safe!

Combat Arms Hack Demo:

new combat arms hack 2new combat arms hack 1

Download the Combat Arms Hack Package:



Thanks for browsing our site and downloading our hacks!  We try very hard to ensure you are safe and feel confident while using our software.  Our dedicated Combat Arms Hack team gaurantees the validity of all the files we offer for download.  If you have any questions, comments or recommendations please leave us a comment or drop us an e-mail we take your suggestions seriously!

Updated Combat Arms Hack Download

A number of new combat arms hacks have been added to the free package available for download on the site.  The hacks development team here has concluded all of these files to be safe to use on live servers.  All of the files posted on this website are tested rigorously before they are made available to our visitors.  This update includes a fix to a number of old tools and hacks as well as introducing a number of new tools for you to have fun with.  A full list of additions and features can be found below this block of text along with screen shots, demo’s and other information.

New Combat Arms Hack Features:

NX Chams – Lets you see enemies through any walls.
No Spread + No Recoil – Shoot any gun without it moving around. Your bullets only fly exactly straight to where the cross hair is even working with shotgun and sniper.
Custom cross-hair – choose between a circle and a cross hair
No Fog – Removes fog and snow from all levels and environments
Fly Hack – Allows you to fly (by holding ALT)
Activation – allows you to pick up items from far away and use SuperSoldier boxes.


Hacks Pack Screen shots:

combat-arms-hack-new-1 combat-arms-hack-new-2

The most recent version of our combat arms hack can always be found on our downloads page. It is always free to download and use. The entire combat arms hack package is always ensured to be undetected and working on live servers.

Combat Arms Hacks – Wallhack and More

The team has made an addition to the Combat Arms hack package we are offering free on our downloads page.  This update includes an undetected wallhack, aimbot and many other undetected tools to ake sure you have the ultimate advantage.  We put all of these tools through a series of tests to ensure that they are undetected and won’t jeopardize your account.

Combat Arms Hack details:

  • CA NX Chams Hack – This mod allows you to see your targets through walls.
  • No spread/no recoil – Now working with all guns in combat arms!  You will not receive recoil from shooting and your bullets will always hit exactly in the middle of the cross hair.
  • x-Hair/o-Hair: Gives the option to choose between a cross hair and a circle hair.  This is a nice customization feature.
  • No fog hack – Enables no fog to impair your vision.  This is particularly useful in snowy maps.
  • Mega Fly Hack: This tool enables you to fly throughout the map.  Simply hold alt once you are already in the air and prevent yourself from falling or soar into the clouds and murk everyone from above.
  • Activation mod: Enables you to pick up weapons, open doors and interact with objects from a further distance.  This comes in useful for grabbing guns and other things without putting yourself in the line of fire.

Combat Arms Hack Demo:


Combat Arms Hacks Download

See our downloads page



We appreciate your visit!  If you have any comments regarding our combat arms hack package please feel free to leave us a comment or drop us an e-mail we will always respond quickly we take all feedback into consideration.

Combat Arms Hack Pack Update

It’s been a week since we’ve last updated the website and the exclusive combat arms hack pack available free for download. We have updated the download on our dedicated ca hacks downloads page link to include the newest files our team has been working on. As usual we have included an extensive how-to instructional manual to ensure everyone knows exactly how to use the software.  There are always questions however so be sure to ask questions in our comment form and we will be sure to address them as soon as possible.  We have tested all the files in our combat arms hack pack and everything is confirmed working undetected on live servers.  The combat arms hack team has created a few new exclusive additions to our free hack pack we’ve listed them below.

The following files have been added to the free hack package:
-> gp hack
-> aimbot
-> nx generator
-> private server package
-> perx injector
-> nx codes gen


Combat Arms Hack Pack Demo

combat arms hack 2combat arms hack 1

Download our free Combat Arms Hacks

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Thanks for checking out our CA hacks!

As usual, if you have any questions or concerns regarding any of the tools or website functionality please let us know immediately.  We will provide quick free service on all of our free combat arms hacks and tools.

Combat Arms Hack Addition

Combat Arms Hack new addition

An array of hacks and tools have been added to the combat arms hack pack we’re offering free on the downloads page.  All of the new tools in the download are completely undetected on live servers and range from aimbots to wall hacks.  Our team tests all files in the package every single day to ensure they remain this way.  We take your safety and time into consideration when offering these free tools.  The single download contains over 5 combat arms hacks free to download.  This will be routinely contributed to – the number will be sure to go up.  All detected and non-functional hacks and tools are immediately removed from the download upon checking.  You can feel safe using the tools you download from this website.

Combat arms hack additions:

Menu Hack Key: Insert

Fly Hack on: space

glitch game mode – x

weapon teleport mod – e


Combat Arms Hack Video:



Screenshot of new update:



Download our CA Hack:

Find it on our Combat Arms Hack Downloads page

You can always find the newest version of our download on the download page – the link is frequently updated.

Thanks for using our CA Hacks!

As usual, if you have any questions or problems please feel no hesitation to contact us.  We appreciate any and all feedback so we can improve and fix anything not working as intended.  We have the all newest combat arms hacks available for download in one convenient location.

Combat Arms Hack Update

The Combat Arms Hack package offered on our downloads page has been updated.  In this update we have addressed operating system compatibility issues on certain tools as well as stuffing the package with extra goodies.  The package now includes an extra aimbot, a fly hack and many more awesome tools.  Please let us know what you think of the hack pack we are constantly updating it and can incorporate your feature requests.  These files are thoroughly tested to ensure they are clean, working and undetected on live servers at time of posting.  If you encounter any difficulties or errors let us know and we will fix it as soon as possible!

No Recoil
VIP Hack
and so much more…

CA Hack Update Screen shot:


Download the latest combat arms hack

The best Combat Arms Hacks

Thanks again for checking out our new site let us know what you think of our new layout!  We’ve completely redesigned the website it looks much cleaner but there are probably features you may want added.  If you have any suggestions, whether they be about our software or the website, please let us know!  We want to make our visitors happy and make sure all our combat arms hacks are meeting your expectations.

Combat Arms Hack 2011 Download

Combat Arms Hack Pack 2011

We are glad to have our own brand new domain!  Make sure to add us to your favorites because you won’t find any better combat arms hacks available free online.  Try them for yourself we gaurintee all programs – including aimbots, score hacks and all other tools are tested and undetected.  Best of all – they’re available free for download!

We here at combat arms hacks believe everyone should have the same advantage .  We level the playing field by offering premium aimbots, hacks and other tools free for download – where you would previously only find paid software.  Our team works on custom tools to help you dominate combat arms safely.

We always have the most recent version of the bot on the downloads page.  The page is constantly updated and any released new versions can be found there.  The link can either be found below just beyond the image or in our menu.  We decided that it was best to keep all the downloads in one place to simplify the downloading process for users.


combat arms hack 1

Combat Arms Hack Pack Download

Find it on the downloads page


Questions or comments about our combat arms hacks?

Of course, if you have any questions or concerns regarding any of the combat arms hacks and bots please feel free to send us some feedback!  Leave a comment or send us an e-mail we will be sure to get back to you as quickly as possible we provide lightning fast support along with all of our combat arms hacks.